No, its not love I feel, it’s attraction. It’s how I’m attracted to what you do and what you feel, for I myself can’t feel much, but when I see your emotions rush to you, I’m mesmerized on how you react towards those feelings and even how the smallest things can affect you. Seeing how you express so much passion (I can’t release myself) for something you love the most, just knocks me off my feet.

My attention is devoted to the purity of your actions and feelings, as well as how your moods swings attacks you when your mind’s playing with your emotions, in specific scenarios you can’t control.

Sometimes when you get too focused on something or someone, you see a trait that no one else notices from them, and from there on, you see the beauty of someone’s expressions, specially its uniqueness from others.

The attraction only gets stronger and stronger the more I see from you and less I see from myself, but trust me, if I could only feel the same way as you do, see the way things your eyes does and be as complex as your emotions are, I swear, I wouldn’t have had this stage of peculiarity at all, and I might actually understand how I feel for once.
As I said, it’s not love but it’s attraction.

– S. (3 am thoughts)


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