Pizza w/ Ricotta cheese, Mushroom and Spinach

At night every 1 to 2 am, my parents and I roam our neighborhood for near by resto’s and we passed by this place called “Pizzetta”. They mostly serve pizzas as it is their specialty along side with the usual appetizers, beverages and desserts. This pizza is known as Ricotta with Mushrooms and Spinach (aka Heaven in my opinion) and its probably the best pizza I’ve tasted from the Restaurant so far. I’ve tried their Cheese Burger pizza that tastes way better than an actual burger, but i still think that this pizza right here is the best.


Shawarma (classic)

Well, we all know how good Shawarma’s taste like since it’s practically everywhere in Kuwait, but we all have a problem with its quantity at times, that’s why i suggest this classic Shawarma at a place called “Kurdo”. This photo is taken by yours truly and I was served with a satisfying amount of Shawarma that I couldn’t complain about.